Welcome to Your AP Biology Course Website!

Welcome students and curious onlookers! Welcome to our brand new Wethersfield High Advanced Placement Biology Wiki! (I am sorry for all the exclamation points, I am just very excited : )

For those of you whom are completely unfamiliar with the idea of a wiki, please refer to these Directions/Guidelines

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So now that you have some background on the wiki I can tell you all about the great stuff we are going to be doing here. Essentially what I hope to accomplish through this wiki to create collaborative classroom atmosphere that both exist in the classroom but also transcends the walls of our classroom our school and even our town, state and country. We have broken ground on the internet and we will be taking full advantage of the wonderful possibilities that this allows us. If you feel a little anxious at this point, GOOD, you should be.

So if you haven't already by, take a look over to you left hand side where you'll see of all the wonderful pages on our new wiki. You'll become very familiar with these pages over the course of the year but I just want to highlight some of my favorites...

First is the Discussion Videos, this will serve as a forum for class discussion to take place outside of the classroom, which will revolve around videos that both you and I post up their.

Next is our Online Quizzes, but don't worry the grade you get on them doesn't count. It does however provide valuable feedback for me and it also forces you to kinda see where you are and where I think you should be.

Okay so the last one I want to talk about now is the RSS feed. This page will provides us the the minute science news stories, and often you will hear me refer to this stories in class in on our discussion boards. Oh the reminds me...

Discussion boards! use them. Thats what this site is all about its about be able to communicate you all of us anytime you want or need to.

One of the things I am most excited about will occur a little later in the semester ...You will be partnering up into small groups and conducting a research project on a unique genetic/evolution/diversity of life phenomenon and the culmination of all your hard work will manifests itself in the form of a new page that your group will add to our wiki. Its going to be exciting and amazing I cant wait to see what kinda masterpieces of art and academia you produce.