Welcome to My Contact Information and Personal Page!

Here I have posted my email address so that you can contact me in the evening or on the weekends, or during the school day when you just don't want to come visit me



I've also taken the liberty to add a few personal artifacts to this page to let you learn a little something about me. If you want to leave comment of the discussion board of this page feel free to do so.

Well, as you may or may not know I am actually a graduate of Wethersfield High School, thats right class of 2004, Go Eagles!. I starting working on an undergraduate degree in Biology at Saint Michael's college in Vermont, and while up their I rediscovered a passion for skiing (too bad its so darned expensive now). After two year in VT I transferred to UConn where I spent three years getting my degree in molecular and cellular biology. I though I wanted to go on to get my phD (I know Doctor Quinn) but i decided that laboratory work was far too lonely for me. So did some volunteer work after graduation, did some substitute teach and some coaching at WHS and now I'm back again. I guess I really must like you guys. Oh and I went to Europe for the first time this past Spring, hence the obnoxiously large picture above. I wonder what the best way to resize that would be?

Personal/Professional Artifacts