Welcome to your Online Quiz Home!

You will come to this page every so often throughout the semester to take a informal online quiz that I have created in QuizStar. What I mean by "informal" is that you will not be graded on your correct and incorrect answers, but simply on your participation in taking the quiz.


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Just becuase your not graded does not mean that this is unimportant, these informal quizzes help me assess how effectively (or ineffectively) I am teaching understanding. The more serious you take the quizzes the better I can help prepare you for our formal examinations. OK Great!

Directions: The following link leads to the QuizStar student login page. I will update the link with a new descriptive title every time a new quiz is available for you to take. The first time you visit, you'll need to sign up for a student account and then you can search for our class using the key search phrases... "Mr. Quinn's" "AP Biology" "Wethersfield High" Wethersfield, CT."

Login to Quizstar - Energy: Capture and Transformation Unit End Quiz - posted 7/7/2010

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